Located in the beautiful Laurentian mountains in Qc, Petit Velours was founded in 2005 and it’s first goal was to provide household organics. Sheets, napkins, aprons, handkercheifs ad more were all handmade in the best organic fabrics on the market. I was happy to be one of the first retailers of organic fabrics in Canada.

In 2008 came my first child, and the sudden love of cloth diaper making. I bought too much fabric for my needs, began to make diapers for my family and friends, and ended up selling some. Obviously, so I could buy more fabric.

My little business slowly got bigger. Organic fabrics got more popular and available, local manufacturers got interested in knitting fibers like bamboo and organic cotton. Pul fabric is now produced locally too. Finding new suppliers is the core of my job, as I try to give you the best quality, with the smallest footprint, at a fair price.

For 12 years I’ve put all my heart and dedication into Petit Velours, always in pace with my family life and personal values. And I’ll try hard to keep it the same for the future: honest, fair and fun.

Jacinthe Rondeau, Owner.

High quality ecological products and fabrics

Tous nos produits sont écologiques et fabriqués au Québec avec des tissus de grande qualité.